Jan 14, 2012 / 12 notes

A low down of what I have planned…

- I’ve applied for a few voluntary posts. I’ve since got a job working part-time at a bar in the town I live which leaves me with some spare time. I figured if I could get an office based voluntary role in a charity that it would look fab on my CV.

- I’m going to an assesment interview for a charity called the National Debt Line on Monday which includes a verbal reasonning test and a physcometric test. The former I’m not too worried about but the latter will be pretty challenging considering I’m dyslexic and haven’t told them. Maybe I should have…

- I’m going to start going to the Birmingham Skeptics meetings. They have two a month. The first is a general meeting for people to meet, chat and that kind of thing. The second is generally a talk from someone interesting. Sounds very interesting!

- I’m going to begin a ‘secular Buddhist meditation course’ as of tomorrow. It started last week so I’m a week behind already but I thought it was a good idea to relax a bit.

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